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Author Signed Edition

200 Pages of WONDERFUL


The Most EXCITING and ADDICTIVE journal experience of all time. This is the most comprehensive journey of WHO you are...WHY you are the way you are...WHAT you want...WHERE you've been and want to go...and HOW you are going to get there... This book is everything, WONDERFULLY WEIRD and CREATIVELY INFORMATIVE about ....YOU!! This book ASKS questions....thousands of them....all the while exposing the most in depth look at your life to date. It is both silly and thought provoking. It will catalogue your history and force you to THINK about things you probably didn't realize you've never thought about. It will test your morality, your convictions and it will make you laugh out loud as you meander through the series of questions in a number of formats. You can start at page one or page 101....You can jump ahead and go back.... There are NO RULES.... It is meant to be a book of FUN! This book is a MUST at family get togethers, on road trips, lazy afternoons and private cozy up in a chair "GET TO KNOW YOUR SELF" times. There are parts to do in solitude and parts to do with loved ones. This book will eventually, over time, be a LOVE LETTER to yourself and will most definitely become a treasured keepsake.

Say What You Will - A Book Of QUESTIONS

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