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Author Signed Edition

100 pages of Sheer Awesomeness.


 "Written in the Stars" is more than just a colouring book for all ages, it is a unique hybrid of art journal and colouring extravaganza. We like to call it an ART-O-BIOGRAPHY. It is 100 pages of awesomeness that allows you to record your dreams, goals and milestones. This book takes you on a journey with 38 pages of journalling prompts that will allow you to get to know yourself in a deeper and more meaningful way by answering questions, drawing, dreaming and dancing on paper (with pens, pencils or crayons)..... It boasts 50 original whimsical drawings for the serious colourista to colour that will delight the spirit and ignite the soul, as well as showcasing inspirational musings about creativity, overcoming struggles and learning to dance to your own song. This is a book, that once complete, will become a snapshot of a time in your life and all the wonderful, magical, messed up moments that make up the one and only YOU.....This book needs YOU to breathe your one of a kind fabulosity into it, bringing it to life and is sure to become a treasured keepsake.



Written in the Stars - Art Journal / Colouring Book

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