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Be My Valentine

On the Eve of Valentines Day.... I want to tell you a little story about my LOVE affair that took 50 years to come to be...... I fell in love with the most AMAZING human.... A human full of sincere compassion for others...A human who has fought life and death battles...and has the scars to prove it... A human who genuinely cares about the world and how we are going to leave it for the generations that come after us.... I fell in love with this human who is a work in progress....who is sometimes a little too much and other times not quite all there....but a human that is ALWAYS, ALWAYS ENOUGH.... I fell in love with a human who took me on a journey... and walked me thru intense joy and devastating loss..... I fell in love with a human who made some epic mistakes and learned vital lessons from every single one of them.... This human that holds my heart forever... took me a long time to notice embrace them fully appreciate all the love they wanted to give me in return...... This human stares back at me in the mirror each morning and every evening with hopes and dreams and an unwavering faith that gives me wings to fly and the ability to try again when those wings get weary. This Valentines day... I hope you do something wonderful for the person who has literally been with you through all of it...every tear...every scar... every wonderful milestone.... Happy Valentines Day to YOU.... LOVE YOURSELF.... Life is too short for anything LESS.... xoxoxox ~Wendle

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