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The Race

Try to remember....the things you see posted on your social media platforms from your "FRIENDS" are the highlight reels of their lives....their fabulous vacations... the great dinner they just had....the accolade they just received....the wonderful thing their significant other did for them and how much in "LOVE" they are....their perfect children and their super clean laundry waving in the wind like angel wings.....

What they rarely show you are the bills piling up on the table....the skeletons packed tightly into their closets.... the way they cried themselves to sleep last night....the fight they just had...the job they just lost...the news they just got that made their knees buckle beneath them and the fact that they too are comparing themselves to what they see online.....and wondering if they are ENOUGH....

We are all FABULOUS and we are all CAR just depends on the day .....If today you won at proud excited...enjoy the spoils of your hard work..... But if life is kinda "SUCKING" right now....keep in mind it will not last forever....this too shall pass and you have a 100% success rate at getting through difficult times like this.

Everyone runs a different race in this life. The distance is different. The speed is different. The conditions are different. Even the direction is different. Our race is custom made.... designed to test our will and stamina .... to give us obstacles to make us stronger, smarter and better prepared for whats up ahead...... No one else can run this for us. Therefore never compare your position on the track to the runners around you, they may be heading somewhere you're not. 📷<3

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