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Welcome to Rebel Spirit Studio
and the Art of Wendle Beaton


    I have always been an artist, as far back as I can remember I was drawing on everything. Fifty plus years later I am still drawing.... still dreaming..... still listening to the whispers of inspiration.


    I believe in everyday magic.....I believe that coincidence, serendipity and kismet are all directed from a divine little winks from God.....I believe that inspiration comes from a magical place and that art comes into being with stories to tell and secrets to share......Art heals. 

    In each and every one of my pieces, underneath the paint lies a special verse, quote or prayer that only I know is there. It is like a little heartbeat that gives the painting soul. Just as beneath our skin lies a miraculous web of bones, veins and nerves that we cannot see from the outside but are vital to giving us life, so are these hidden messages of hope and love hidden beneath the "SKIN" of the painting emitting an energy of loving kindness. See the following series below to see just how this heartbeat happens.

    I also do commission work if interested.


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